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Welcome, this is a world of art, craft, light, yarn, fibers and gorgeousness in general, be ready.

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about moi



My Name is Alexandra, I created this blog in 2009 wihile living in Tokyo, Japan where I decided to post about what I create. I work with the experiences lived through out my time in this world, and a mix of materials, techniques, moods, colors, languages and styles.

I was born and grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and I have been interested in all kinds of artistics expressions since I was a kid. I had experimenting with dance, music, fine and decorative arts. During the last few years i have been crazy about palettes, styling, knitting and makeup. The last 7 years, photography rule my work but still always have time for some drawing, crafting and new projects.

Nowadays I live in Amsterdam, still leraning.

This is a space for gorgeousness.

See you around.