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Welcome, this is a world of art, craft, light, yarn, fibers and gorgeousness in general, be ready.

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Craft videos...have a nice "Journée"


I had a nice weekend, hope you too. I went to the Earth Day Tokyo event in Yoyogi park, bought craft books, yarn and took pictures of beautiful people, i will share all that during the week.

For now i am reconfigurating the blog to add links, categories etc. Today i will share this craft videos i adore and think it is a nice way to start the week. See you........

The coolest sheep in the world.....

Oh dear.. she has a problem........


Karollina Arvilommia a felted textile artist from Finland......

If you like to felt just watch.......


Saori weaving japanese style

Saori is a japanese weaving method without rules or restrictions, to discover our true selves and to express our individual creativity, it was founded by Misao Jo a woman born in Osaka, Japan in 1913. Saori has centers all arround the world, i am taking classes here in Tokyo at Yoyogi.

click to enlarge

If you are into following your instincts and feelings, you will love it, if you prefer following instructions and patterns problably you will have a lot of fun too. The teachers do not teach they help you develop individual creativity.

The white one is my second project i think it could be a kaban-かばん(bag) it is one meter long ... i am still working on it.

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This brown one is four meters long i would like to make some kind of SAORI clothes style for the winter.

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Do you have other ideas of what to do with these pieces of fabric? let me know i will work on these projects and come back later to show you the results.

See you around.


From garbage to Matilda

This is Matilda i created during the december vacations, my husband and i decided to make some experiments with collage and mix-media from recycle materials so...... we took some carton from the garbage, old newspapers, magazines, among others and started working on it.

I had already received some books about mix media art and we were inspired so, the first thought was ...ahh ok this is easy... i just mix everything however i want et voila.........

click picture to enlarge

Well... it was not that easy, freedom is never easy in fact i usually give more thoughts to a freeform technique than a pattern but, i don´t know if i ever have finished any pattern i just cannot take directions in any way.

At the beginning of this year Matilda was here with us and she has been in my living room for a long time while i was thinking if i needed to add something else. Finally she said ça suffit and now she is living in the mini chill-out corner of my studio and i am working on new versions.

She is not part of my collection I just created her "por amor al arte".

See you around


Romance.... from my collection

Well, finally i began the "tocados" of my collection, this is how you name in spanish these accesories for the head i do not know how you call this in any other languages so, i stick with "tocados".

So, after thinking and thinking i started with the sample and here is the final result.

click picture to enlarge

C´est pas discret and I do not want it to be, so i will keep it for myself and i am going to start the series for the collection which I will call Romance. Here are more pictures of the final "pieza" from different angles. Hope you enjoy!.

click picture to enlarge

I will create other sizes and experiment with other elements but the concept will be the same... Romance. At the same time i am working on other collections, packaging, label.......... so i hope to have everything ready to open my online shop soon and participate in a few fairs around Tokyo a the end of this year

See you around


Art & Craft & Sakura

Last weekend I went to the art & craft exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum , it was in collaboration with the V&A Museum in London.

So they show the history of the movement from 1800 starting in Britain going through east Europe and ending in Japan.

click picture to enlarge

The Japanese part was the one I enjoyed the most, the western part wasn`t really big and I preferred when I saw it at the V&A Museum in London, this is one place to visit before dying if you are a crafter or love decorative arts.

Here are some pictures of Sakura around my neighbourhood in Hon-Komagome.

click picture to enlarge

Sakura and museum were a great combination for the weekend if you live in Japan and love art, sadly Sakura lasts only a few days.

See you around.


The first


the first step
my first post
my first blog
my first web page
my first camera
my first craft room
my first collection
my first sewing machine
my first year in Tokyo
my first gray hair
the first time I feel plenty doing something.

First times usually scare me and I almost faint, but that is not important, the important thing is to have balls or at least fake it and jump even without knowing what will happen.

I will post about my work and first collection in this blog and many others things about art & craft, hope you step by from time to time and leave a message or just say hello.

See you around.

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