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All photgraphy in this blog by Alexandra Feo ©All rights reseved.

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Knitting Fresh Brioche: Open Book

Here some clean images of some of the chapters you can find inside the last Nancy Marchant's book Knitting Fresh Brioche with my photography work accompanying her great work.

Front cover by Marcus Tullis

I am not done with this book, more is coming stay tuned!.


Photography Charms Now To Carry On.

For this February a selection of 5 images placed in a small cotton canvas bag model ready to carry out your book, documents, small knitting project or for a chic trip to the bakery to by fresh bread. They are all already at TNLP at Rozengracht 75, Amsterdam.

And of course more from my line of photography Charm accessories, new pieces for the box, as you know I always bring new goodies every month and try to keep my box revamped, for this month new round brooches with a bronze plated base approx. 2.5 cm in diameter and clip round stud earrings 2 cm diameter for those who do not have the ears pierce, also some new necklaces and rings for the box a t the shop.

See you around, take the chance if you are in Amsterdam and visite The New Label Project at Rozengracht 75 a festival of handmade creations.

Now it is time to prepare more new beauties. Stay tuned


John Arbon Textiles: The art of processing an spinning yarn

What better way to start the year in Madame Craft blog that with a warm and cozy video I found today. John Arbon Textiles one of only a handful of worsted fibre processing plants still operating in the UK. They  make luxury unisex socks and fine quality British yarn.

For yarn and fiber lovers, here an incredible nice movie they made of their plant proccessing the yarn, I enjoy it so much, hope you also do.

Long version

Short version


Knitting fresh Brioche: Inside the book pattern

First of all allow me to express my huge relief for being able to finally show this work which was a very important project for me. My biggest thanks and hugs to Nancy Marchant who offered me this project, trusted me blindly and respect my creation judgement, hope you know I work this book with your design as my priority, exclusively for you, with my total love, focus and attention on details. Thanks you Nancy.

Front cover photo by Marcus Tullis

So lets go. Without more waiting. For today a general view of all the patterns you will find inside the Nancy Marchants's book Knitting Fresh Brioche. Later I will go in patterns per patterns one at a time and also let you know that this book has a very important and big technical part with stitch patterns also that you will have inside, later Ill go into that.

Hand Knitting Design by Nancy Marchant

Photography by Alexandra Feo

Hair & makeup by Alexandra Feo

Styling by Alexandra Feo

Photography assistent by Gustavo Ramírez Cruz

Models: Aya, Gail Hoever, Gina Hindriks & Jeroen Bakker

Some out fits by awesome designers at TNLP and the help with styling from dear Giulia Elena Bessone.

Twelve pieces on mannequin

On the Models with a frenchy beige polka dots background

On Models with spicy backgrounds

Stay tuned do not miss the coming posts as I will show each pattern in detail photography. In the meantime have a happy Brioche Knitting.

If you want to know more about Nancy Marchant have a look to this interview here.


Exploration Station by Stephen West

From a very popular an succesful Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2014: Exploration Station!  here the the photography and makeup work from my hands. Enjoy the patterns by Stephen West, happy knitting.

Hand Knitting pattern by Stephen West

photography adn Makeup by Alexandra Feo


Une Petite Ville On Display

Finally here is the selection for Une Petite Ville exposition on display at TNLP Rozengracht 75 Amsterdam from Tuesday to Saturdays.

There are 9 fine art photography prints on display together with the mini art frame version and over 80 special edition accessories, I managed to make all this in one month, it required a pretty high level of organization and focus with a considering amount of isolation.

The preparation for this petite exposition was massive as I work by myself with my two hands, controlling also graphic design, promotion, marketing, quality control, making etc etc etc.  At the end I was on schedule and ready on time.

Display took hours as placing with care and attention this amount of pieces takes time but it is a very good feeling to know you give your best for your own project and business, I could do it a million more times.

Hope you have the chance to pass by the shop and see this work on display as well as the other artists, crafters and designers handmade creations. Stay well and have a wonderful time.


Exposition Une Petite Ville: Special Edition

Here the pieces ready for Une Petite Ville exposition with Amsterdam photography fine art and special edition accessories ready for installation and tomorrow December 2nd from 11 am ready to shine on the first day of exhibition until January 6th 2015 at The New Label Project, Rozengracht 75, Amsterdam. You can get there by tram 13 or 14 and enjoy not only the small selection of my Amsterdam photography  charms but also a big show of handmade goodies from crafters, designers and artists from all around the world that joined TNLP for a festival of creative options.

These Amsterdam Photography Charms are handmade by me in my Amsterdam West studio with a combination of techniques and materials using leak and nickel free antique bronze plated bases and the images are print in a plastic material that get a ceramic-like finish matte making the pieces quite special and unique but also strong and life resistant. Hope you have the chance to pass by and enjoy the shop as well as my exposition.

Ill be back with more pictures from the exposition, stay tuned.

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