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Knitting Fresh Brioche: Inside the fibers festival.

Here some of the fibers that will be portrayed in the Nancy Marchant's book Knitting Fresh Brioche coming on December. Fibers are one of the things I like to photograph the most, mohair could be specially interesting  with all those little hair out with a cloud appearance.

Enjoy this for now, a bit by bit we will reveal the whole book until we see the pieces in its whole splendor.

Stay tuned for more Brioche knitting.


Knitting Fresh Brioche: Making of

To start getting into the mood for Nancy Marchant's book Kintting Fresh Brioche here a bit of the making of.

Thank you to Gustavo Ramirez Cruz who was the production assistant for the book shooting and took these memorable shots of the making of. Also thanks to Giulia and the nice designers at TNLP who collaborate with some of the clothe for the shooting of this book making my life so much easy and the shooting gorgeous.

Photography of making of by Gustavo Ramírez Cruz.

Models: Aya and Gina.

Makeup-Hair artist & styling: Alexandra Feo.


The Fresh Brioche fever is just starting so more is coming.... Stay tuned.



WestKnits at Home.

Here a versatile shooting I did in 2013 for Stephen West from Westknits a hand knitting designer that you must know or have seen many other times here or other of my blogs. This shot was for one of his books call WestKnits at Home with Quince & Co. yarn, just click on the book or the pictures for more photography and to get the awesome patterns. You can find many of other designs from Stephen West in his Raverly page. Enjoy.

Happy knitting.


Photography Charms for Fall

And for this month is all about fall, here the selection I made specially for this Autumn, they are already at the TNLP shop at Rozengrach 75, Amsterdam. Ready to dress up. A little video at the end of the post I made to promote these Fall pieces. 






Photography Charms: October's new

For October I prepared new drop earrings and smaller bracelets, I brought new cufflinks for the gentlemen and more charms and rings. I changed and add some details for the box to make it more tidy ,this is constant work and compromise. I am very glad and thankful for all the support and receptivity to my Photography Charms it really motivates me and moves me to improve constantly in every aspect of this collection and my space in TNLP shop, I trully appreciate all your support to independent artist and designers.


And here a shot from my phone of my actual box with the little revamp for the start of the fall, more things and images to come for fall.

You can visit The New Label Project shop any time at Rozengracht 75, Amsterdam. Giulia is an incredible kind person and she will give you all the help you need and guide through the dozen of designer in the shop.

See you around.


Fresh Brioche by Nancy Marchant

Last summer 2013 I happily got involve with the photography project for the next Nancy Marchant's Brioche book title  Fresh Brioche (you can pre-order it). Knitting and photography in the same project is one of my favorite things. I put hands on Nancy's pieces immediately and started living around them, touching and experimenting with them.


This book is another big share of information on Brioche technique with some refreshing on the technique by Nancy herself. It is a mix of, how to brioche, stitch dictionary and 12  gorgeous neckwear Brioche knitting projects.

I photograph the "How to knit part of the book" too, it was quite interest for me to see the process in slow motion direct from the master but the real excitement here came for the projects Nancy design. 

I got enough freedom to create so, being a neckwear collection I opt for a classy old time catalogue, with pure strong portraits focusing in the main characters of the book, the Brioche pieces. The makeup and photography work for this book is by myself.


I am so exited to see this book coming! hope knitters and brioche lovers connect with this such a fine work of Nancy Marchant.

You can get her previous book here. An interview I made to Nancy here. more on this new book coming here and here

Ill be back with more hints on the book. Stay tuned


Photo Shooting Stephen West 2014 Part II

And Here part 2 of my Makeup and photography work for Stephen West 2014 patterns for his USA summer tour. Scrool down and enjoy. to go to the patterns just click on the pattern name. hope you have enough patterns for fall and winter.

Dotted Rays pattern by Stephen West


Welty pattern by Stephen West

Welted Slouch pattern by Stephen West 


Parachutey pattern by Stephen West


Hope you enjoy this overdose of beautiful Stephen West kinitting design, and start a nice fall with this patterns.



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